The Groop

People are going missing on a world-changing scale, and only one man seems to care. Lydia Dove has been missing for four months. Sean Mallory, stuck in a dead-end job and afflicted by invasive dreams, believes that if he can find her, then maybe he can find others. Taunted by anonymous emails and troubled by his past, even he doubts his ability to see it through – but the ever-growing mystery of the missing is too alluring to resist. The first novel by A. J. Sahnow, The Groop is a mystery/thriller influenced by horror and weird fiction.

Stain: A Short Story

The heat in the office was stifling, the young women working in Project C glancing over at each other periodically to exchange raised eyebrows accompanied by hand-wafting gestures towards their face. Being in Project A, Lance Helbark’s desk was as far from the air conditioning as possible, and as such he was much worse off than the girls in C.