These final notes detail the circumstances that led me to this fugue of wracked obsession, one which I could never declare to be the work of mere chance, if such a petty and thoughtless concept could be taken seriously by any who have seen behind the curtain of the mundane; and although no man will ever read this statement, I must compose it nonetheless, so as to document the ethereal sequence of that ghastly notation.

Decaye: An Observation

Decaye: An Observation (11th December 2019) There is ne’re a face I stand to seeIn the city side-streets, and undergroundIt’s all the worse, where shades hangFrom every wall, and violence begetsNothing but a slight, disapproving glance. [Embankment, 6:53am] A figure slumped at disattentOn the platform; drowned not by onlookers:Crack pipe — erstwhile bottle — in…